We prefer innovations and pragmatic solutions

What we can offer

  • new approach to your business
  • help in expanding your business opportunities
  • revealing your hidden potential

How we work

  • combination of different data
  • search of a new context
  • view on things from different angles

What we bring

  • Higher revenues, lower costs

What drives us forward

  • You, your needs and our ideas

Our offer

Our services

Spatial segmentation of customer

Do you want a different perspective on your own business?
Do you want a unique spatial segmentation of your customers?
Do you want to know who and where is your customer?

A unique geo-intellectual data analysis will merge your data about customers with a big amount of statistical data. Combination of our segmentation with your customers’ database will uncover you new dimension on your business and reveal hidden potential. It will help you to better understand the behavior and attitude of customers and to assign them to the region in which they live.

Complex loyalty program

Do you want to have a loyalty program, which includes more than discounts?
Do you want to have a loyalty program, which will bring you income?
Do you want a real-time sales channel for marketing and customer communication?

We can help you implement a loyalty program, which is built on a win-win principle and will bring you additional income. We will connect you with partners, thanks to whom your customers will be ready to pay for the participation in a loyalty club. Besides, you will get an opportunity for monetization of data in cooperation with those partners.

Scoring and solvency of the customer

Do you want to improve the profile of your existing customer and to better define its potential?
Do you want to check the solvency of a potential customer?

We offer you an interactive tool, which will be tailored according to your actual demands and requirements. Taking into consideration your production and segment of the market we will set up a scoring method to define your potential customer, whether it is a new customer or an existing one. At the same time we will draw your attention to the highest credit risk.

Help in the field of trade – acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and retention

Do you want to attract new customers?
Do you want your existing customers to bring you more?
Do you want your customers to stay with you?

We will choose for you optimal segments of the market, which will reveal, where and how it is possible effectively find and attract new potential customers. We will define most effective motivation for your customers and will attract them with the most appropriate form. It will guarantee a great success in sales in comparison with existing communication. We can be useful in identification of the risk of outflow of customers and in carrying out prevention. Leaving customer will be attracted with the offer, which will have major chances for his preservation.

Optimization of the commercial and distribution networks

Do you want to know where to open a new branch?
Do you want to know whether you are in a right place?
Do you want to know where your competitors are situated?

We will establish the structure of a distribution network and will define its parameters – types and profiles of the target groups, coverage zone and remoteness. Using geomarketing tools, we will create an optimized network taking into consideration the potential of regions along with maximum data that is important for your business.

Reporting and data visualization

Do you want to have a rapid access to any information about your customers, altogether one place?
Do you want to take a different look at your business?

Data visualization will allow you to look at main facts easy and effectively, and release hidden context. We will guide you through the labyrinth of big amount of data and numbers, reports and comments.

Ad-Hoc analysis and optimization of internal processes

Do you want to know answers to questions what, where, how and why?
Do you want to look at things differently?
Do you want to simplify and improve internal processes?

We will give you an opportunity to look at processes and transaction data from another point of view. You will see things and facts, which are in front of you, but you could not see them before.

GeoApply team

Ondrej Mišura

Ondrej Mišura

CEO & Sales
+420 608 929 617
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Founder and CEO of the company, graduated from University of Economics in Bratislava, specialization – Operating Research and Econometrics. Has more than 10 years’ experience in management within different countries. Ondrej worked in FMCG industry, logistics and credit risk; currently deals with customer relationship management with CRM clients. Until September 2014 held the position of CEO at M.B.A. Empire in Czech Republic. Prefers innovations and different point of view on business.

During his free time he is a sportsman, traveler, stockbroker and specialist in public transportation.

Miroslav Šlehofer

Miroslav Šlehofer

Operations Director
+420 605 569 113
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Graduated from Charles University in Prague, specialization – Social Geography and Regional Development. Miroslav is professionally engaged in geomarketing and data analysis during last 8 years. He has experience in such industries as logistics, banking and CRM. Currently, he is responsible for development of geomarketing solutions and their applications to clients, especially, in such fields as acquisition, cross sales, retention and optimization of internal processes. He likes geography and its manifestations in different fields of our daily life.

Reading books and watching movies are his preferred way to relax.

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